Core Intuition Jobs
For iOS and Mac Cocoa Developers
(Senior) Software Engineer for Mac
Helsinki, Finland
Graphics and Animation Expert
Anywhere or San Francisco
Cocoa Developer
Ottawa, ON
Lead iOS Engineer
Swift/iOS Developer
Denver, CO
Mobile Tech & Development Lead
San Luis Obispo, CA or +/- 3 hours from Pacific Time
iOS Developer
NYC, New York
Software Engineer
Cambridge, MA
“Of the many ways we recruited people for a recent iOS developer position, our posting on the Core Intuition Jobs board was easily the most valuable, and ultimately led to the person we ended up hiring.”
“Last day at the old job. Next week I start a new position, which I found through @coreintjobs!”
“We’ve gotten more excellent iOS job applications from @coreint Jobs than we have anywhere else, and it’s only been live for two days.”
“I recently accepted a new development position, and I found it through the @coreintjobs board!”

Core Intuition Jobs is a companion site to the Core Intuition podcast, a weekly show about iOS and Mac development hosted by Daniel Jalkut and Manton Reece. We wanted to create a jobs site focused around the Cocoa jobs our listeners care about. Posts here will reach a large audience of developers who are passionate about building apps on iOS and the Mac. Questions? Email us at

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