Core Intuition Jobs
For iOS and Mac Cocoa Developers
iOS Engineer
Mountain View, CA

Why Udacity matters

Higher education, in its current state, is woefully broken. We’re working on fixing it from the ground up -- beyond democratizing access to education, regardless of geography or socioeconomic status, we’re fundamentally rethinking how education is delivered. Our mission is to empower our students to not just advance their education, but their career opportunities, and to make education relevant for the 21st century.

Our classes seek to present traditionally “hard” subjects in an engaging, accessible way that emphasizes understanding over memorization. In 2 short years we’ve been able to make significant strides including:

Comprehensive set of CS classes covering everything from intro courses to algorithms, parallel programming, and cryptography
Branching out into other disciplines (bio, psych, physics, design)
Hundreds of thousands of students in over 200 countries with thousands of new students signing up every day

And we recently partnered with Georgia Tech to offer the world’s first accredited, top-notch CS master’s degree completely online for a fraction of the price.

We’re far from done, and if you’re an amazing iOS engineer, we need your help.

What we’re looking for

Solid CS fundamentals
2 years experience with Objective-C and Cocoa Touch APIs strongly preferred.
A portfolio of iOS apps that you’ve built; ideally these are polished apps where a lot of thinking has gone into design and architecture
An eye for good design and a user-centric mentality
Very comfortable working with remote web services
Experience with video APIs and streaming

What you’ll be working on

Right now, we’re in the process of rolling out Udacity’s first tablet product. In the process, we’re trying to figure out how to take the experience students have when they take our courses on the web and improve it to take advantage of what tablets do best.

This means that we’re building features like dual-screen capability such that students can watch a lecture on a widescreen TV and do exercises on their tablet. We’re redesigning the entire Udacity experience so it works with touch. We’re building an environment our students can comfortably code in that will have all the functionality of a web IDE. We’re figuring out ways to asynchronously load and cache our video content behind the scenes so our students’ lecture-watching experience is effectively seamless. Ultimately, we’re always asking ourselves what we can do to improve our students’ experience, and as an engineer working here, even if you're not in front of the camera teaching a course (tell us if you’re interested though!), the work you put in directly affects Udacity's pedagogy.

Have other ideas about how to best bring learning to tablets and want to help shape exactly how Udacity’s first mobile offering will look? Apply now, and tell us about it!

Share your projects/work with us

In your cover letter, please describe a project, tell us what you are passionate about, or share links to your code samples. These should be examples that you are very proud of!

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